“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

I'm a Lady Now!

Ladies, I did it. When I hit the keys on the first of January this year to write my first blog entry, I had 366 days ahead of me (aka a HUGE blank piece of paper if you like) and no idea where the journey would lead me. My heel closet was a beloved mess, my babies all eagerly waiting to be featured and little did I know how to embed photographing and writing in my everyday routine. Realizing that I just hit the mark of writing my 300th post in a row (absolutely a reason to celebrate as this year only counts 366 days, so no more "round" numbers to cheer on): there couldn't be a better moment to pamper my feet with yet another special pair of heels. The myth, the legend, the ultimate treat: the one and only red sole there is: Louboutins.

So after 300 days (closet and blogging super strictly organized) and with my new purchase now officially consider myself a "heel" grown-up.There are certainly things you can't do anymore while wearing Loubies, right? Such as sitting any other way than with your legs neatly folded, fooling around with stupid toys for blog entry, or shaking that bottle of champagne before opening (and drinking straight out of it...): no, no! I'm a lady now! Jichaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now where's my glass?


Today's shoes are Christian Louboutin