“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Ice-Ice Baby!

Hello lovely ladies, here are your toes speaking. Yeah, you heard right: the tiny extremities attached to your feet. You know us well: we are the happy chaps who keep you in balance, walk with you every day, can wiggle due to excitement and scrunch up in despair when “body” (our BF) is not happy.

Normally, this is our time of the year. After months of having been hidden in socks and heavy boots, not having seen any daylight at all (yeah, believe it or not, we like sun just as much as you do), we are in desperate need of being able to walk naked in the grass, or even better: get dressed up in sandals and peep toes. And how we love the beauty treatment we get just before that. What a facial is to you, a pedicure is to us: getting scrubbed, massaged, and having perky colours put on our top. We just love it!!! *wigglewiggle*

Unfortunately, we are still tucked away and hidden this year (hello: it’s MAY!!!), instead of ice cream dribbling on us while you are enjoying summer, we still live in some sort of darkness still freezing in pantyhose whenever you walk us outside. If nothing is going to change (DO SOMETHING!) all ten of us will organise an official demonstration to march against the ongoing disaster of cold.

We want Ice-Ice baby, and not Ice AGE!

Your Toes

Today’s shoes are Topshop

Today's photo as taken by the lovely Nancy Cornelissen