“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


My 80ties nightmare is a pair of high-waist mommy jeans, worn with a perm to distract from the most unflattering ass ever. But that didn’t stop me from following the nineties denim trend with a stone washed carrot-shaped piece of navy fabric accompanied with the shoe-of-the-hour: jogging highs. (Brrrrrr!) Since then I have been a little careful following “denim trends” and it’s ambassadors (unforgettable: Britney Spears and Justin in a unisex tip-to-toe indigo combo), but this season there’s no way around it.

Denim is back as strong as its woven texture and if you invest smart, you will have at least four good reasons to buy some must-have shoes to complete the outfit du jour (which anyway is THE reason to follow a trend, don’t you agree?). Nothing wrong with a jumpsuit worn with a statement heel now (my favorite for a lazy day, no other styling needed!) or a cute little denim flowery skirt to channel your romantic side (peep toes, booties, sandals!). And although I will have to get used to the legitimate wear of flare jeans, I need a good reason to purchase clogs (back on the runway and hot!).

Best of it: you can mix & match all of the above because the greatest thing of any denim trend (throughout the years): it goes with everything!


Today’s shoes are various
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