“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

High Heels to LowLands!

When attending a festival - despite other opinions - it's clearly not the music and bands playing that require primary focus: it's definitely the decision which heels you'll bring. I've made the mistake of organising a sophisticated schedule of which band to see when and especially running there early to conquer the wave breaker many many times. But it’s the shoes really, which will carry you through mud, empty cans of beer and an over-enthusiastic crowd jostling.

Take into consideration that your heel of choice also needs to be Dixie-toilet proof, dripping mayonnaise (from your second portion of greasy fries) resistant and nonetheless attention screamers for winning over security sympathy. Because of course you'll try to sneak backstage without that all access pass, not once but at least three times. And who cares that you'll have to wear orthopedic devices for weeks afterwards if you have the chance to wake up (in heels still) next to some hot musician piece of ass? High Heels to Lowlands I say.


Today’s shoes are Vintage MiuMiu

I wore them for 3 minutes before switching to sweat resistant rubber boots for dancing. :0)

Catsuit: Roparosa | Leopard printed bag , Jacket and Bangles: Stylist's own | Hat: Sacred Vintage via Yosha Fashion | Fringe Earings: Yosha Fashion

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