“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Hatschi Bratschi's Balloon

Seems that one of the biggest spring trends is not just to sport the newest fashion trends, but a preggy belly too (yaaaay, I may finally announce that BFF Connie is expecting!). Needless to say, I find myself looking for baby shoes, baby baskets, baby-you name it. The bad kind. The romantic-white-with-frills kind, (-we don't know the gender yet: you never want to give a baby boy the trauma of pink accessories or a girl some kind of pastel-blue nightmare, right?).

Anyway, it's definitely my mission to not only spoil the new world citizen with material goods but intellectual ones as well, so find myself scouting children's books too. Am transported back to my own childhood fairytales and remember Shockheaded Peter. What a great story to teach the reader that poor hygiene will transform you into the lovechild of David Lee Roth and Lady Deathstrike from X-Men 2 and how important a mani-pedi and an accurate haircut can be. Or Hatschi Bratschi's Balloon: a tale to ensure that you never, EVER step in the flying balloon of some foreigner coming along.

Well, to be honest, I always wanted to take that trip, kick Mr. Bratschi out of that balloon myself and escape reality for a while. Hm. Maybe I should go back to buying that frilled baby shoes before I get all Hatschi Bratschi (aka in trouble) myself. Couldn't find ONE children book about the importance of proper footwear (High Heels) anyway. Seems Baby will learn about the important stuff later. I actually can't wait.


Today's shoes are Sacha