“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Harvest Festival

When I took the requirement test to study graphic design (it was the third test to get into some kind of school that I had had to do in my life back then, and decided it would definitely be the last), we were asked to color quadrants in the shades of the 4 seasons. One for spring, summer, etc. While this would be an easy task these days (simply copy fashionable nail polish OPI’s seasonal palettes - can't go wrong with that), back then all I had to go on was my own youthful experience. And rebellious as you are at the age of 25, of course you do anything but paint the real thing.

The only season I couldn't help but represent in its real hues was autumn. The richness of shades, the boldness of color, the extravaganza before everything dies! So waking up today to a beautiful fierce blue sky and a paint box outside (which would have made Van Gogh cut his other ear), I just had to dedicate today's post to the colors of autumn. Also because am totally stuck inside (aka work) and can't go play outside (aka shop) and cherish this beautiful day in lovely heels.

Well, having my little Harvest Festival inside then. Why not.


Today's shoes are Bertinni