“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Happy Heel

Hello, my name is Beautiful. Or Gorgeous - whichever you prefer. At least that's the name I hear most often when people are looking at me. I'm from Italy where a 100 busy hands fumbled, hammered, and glued me together until I became what I am today. I liked that everyone was so dedicated to making me shine, until they tucked me *sigh* - *dark* - in a box and shipped me off to some sort of exhibition (aka fair *editors note).

Oh lord! 10.000 other beauties around me and at least 1.000 fingers pointing at me, touching me, and turning me upside down. Rude! Felt like a piece of meat, so not glamorous! Then again the box thingie, just to end up on an average rack somewhere else, with a price tag on my sole (ouch!). Am feeling lost and abandoned and cry out to everybody who comes along "PLEASE! Rescue me"!

Then one day this gal shows up. Takes one look at me and her eyes open wide, she becomes totally excited, must be love at first sight. She mumbles something like: I know you fit anyway, and *hurray* takes me home. Now am walked and marveled at almost every day, am teamed up with nice dresses, dancing on tables, and taken to fancy places where people smile a lot. Love my life! Happy Heel I am indeed.


Today's shoes are (*editors note) Guiseppe Zanotti