“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Happy Céline!

One of the most outstanding trends this season is no doubt the artsy coloring, appearing on the catwalks from Celine to lovely Chanel. Happy, wild strokes of brushes gone wild everywhere, and since it was Easter this weekend where the tradition of coloring things is a beloved routine, I thought I might very well just unleash my inner Picasso too.

Though eggs seemed a little eighties to me, and I have bad experiences hiding them enthusiastically the night before Easter Sunday (the smell of a rotting egg: not the fanciest scent in your home indeed!), I turned creative.

And what could boost the desire to find a hidden treasure more, than hiding a pair of self-painted new heels anyway? So lets pop the tubes of your coloring box before popping the champagne to celebrate ergh... why not just yourself and creativity? Bring it on gals, and Happy Céline!

Today’s shoes are Mango originally
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