“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Read in a poll recently (and I suppose most of you gorgeous ambitious ladies out there will approve...) that our super busy schedules encourage us to boast about having no time. At all. Running from one appointment to another (heels and a rush = blisters you know the story...), constantly increasing the pace of life, we take less and less time to pause and just take a minute to embrace the moment we are in. Those precious minutes, just you (and some quality heels), which we call “stolen moments” but are indeed bridges towards (how Pharrell Williams of me): Happiness.

Well, indeed it doesn’t take much. A sunny day, a beautiful peaceful place, good company and voila: you are in the middle of a song. I suggest you get your perfect companions for some soul dangling here and just take a break to enjoy wherever you are and whatever you do.

Have a super happy Monday everyone!


Today’s shoes are Ritaelisio via Shoetation
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