“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Happienss. Now. Boom.

Sweet love sunshine! How amazingly you reset the “winter mode button” (nesting, over-consumption of dark chocolate while watching TV series, goal: do not move a single toe in a heel) to seemingly long-forgotten beloved activities. Laughing for no reason for instance, or singing loudly while biking in way too tight skirts and indecently high shoes (without any complaining).

You make it so easy to pick up cardio training again (shopping that is) and dare everyone to wear anything but sophisticated grey. The glass of wine enjoyed way too early in your lovingly embracing beams accompanied by the calories 2000-4000 (deep fried snacks): joy, not sin! All the people I don’t even know who greeted me in the supermarket with a happy smile while sporting that family size pack of toilet paper: you make it happen. And the red you put my bank account in (due to all the cardio work): well: isn’t it the color of the season?
Dear sun, thank you! Happiness. Now. Boom.


Today’s shoes are VERY! red
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