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Halloween Leftovers

Pretty much every day can be Halloween, mainly when I look in the mirror after a long night out partying... uaaaaaah! Really? Is that me or Freddy Krueger? But other than sometimes scaring myself (no asking for trick or treat needed...) I'm not that familiar with the tradtion. Well, celebrated it in NYC once, pretty much embarrassing myself by being the only one without a costume (immediately reveals that you are a tourist), but I was told that Halloween is only an opportunity for everyone to legally dress like a hooker so thought I'd keep it down.

Like the idea of "decorating a pumpkin" though, and even better since I saw someone carving the Chanel and YSL logo in these vegetables. So decided to try just that this year! Boyfriend will be delighted (and for sure understand the hint) with the hallway softly lit with my favorite brands. (Hmm...would Tiffany be too difficult to carve?). In my enthusiasm I totally forget how damn hard these orange beasts are. I mean seriously: it's impossible without cutting a finger, (or worse... slipping and cutting a toe!!!). Am giving up, it's just too frustrating.

So what to do now with the bloody leftovers of my serious failure? Pumpkin soup? Or pumkin pie, or both? Guess I'm just gonna chew on my Jimmies. Grrrrrrr.


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