“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Got milk?

Having no children (aka nothing really to wake me up in the middle of the night, causing me wrinkles of sorrow but love) sometimes leaves my parent-friends with a raised eyebrow. Wouldn't I like to adopt a kittn so I can experience some responsibility, and this feeling of unconditional love and care?

Well, well, nothing to worry about my dear friends, believe me: am the proud mommy to not just one furry friend, but at least 30. A whole cat zoo to put it mildly (and I’m saying that with the pround face you all pull off when talking about your growing of family). But of course I'm talking two heel- friends instead of four legged ones.

Have you ever noticed how big my wrinkle of sorrow actually is? All these sleepless nights, worrying how to raise money to rescue and invest in the future of all these poor and lonely creatures! Plus the work! THE WORK! They need to be nursed, petted, and groomed... you know, the usual. And believe it or not: it’s quite a challenge to walk all of them and not neglect one or the other.

As it happens, just today I am welcoming a new friend to my shelter:
Say hello to the cuties, and come to think of it: duty calls. Have some very important feeding and caressing to do. No time to chit chat, so sorry.


Today’s shoes are Charlotte Olympia