“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Goodbye lovelies!!!

Just realized that the lens of my accessory of the year (aka camera) has always captured me running past days. Literally not a single pic did I have the time to THINK about wearing heels horizontally (no pun intended). Pretty much describes what I've been up to the last 7 days, and am not complaining! Just love it when there's a party going on (however hectic things may get) and love it even more when I can celebrate with my loved ones.

Unfortunately every celebration must come to an end and am now packing to leave Austria (not that I want to). Saying goodbye is especially tough this time as I must say goodbye to all my lovelies. Yes, it's also the end of a week featuring Shoetation (which was an honor AND pleasure), and being surrounded by all their super cute and "I want them all"... heels (of course)! *Sniff* Goodbye gorgeous boots, you will find a happy owner and somebody who will take good care of you and will love and cherish you.... (*sniff*sniff* again). To all my other friends (aka flesh and blood, not leather): this, of course is not goodbye, just another (heel) step to the next hello.


Today's shoes are Marc Ellis
Wanna give them some shelter? Go, GET THEM, I love them!