“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Glitter Glamour Gorgeous

It’s the most glamorous month of the year, and everything normally considered “over the top” or “too much” is not only appreciated, it’s a must. When you hear the first tunes of Mariah Carey yodeling to the jingling sound of bells it’s time to run and undust the sequin dresses, polish the über-big jewellery and put any modesty on hold: it’s December for glamour’s sake!

I personally can’t wait to hear my family laugh and sqeak when I start my annual competition to outshine the christmas tree, as a sucker for sparkles, I can’t wait to have a decent reason to look like a discoball on acid. So, just to get me in the mood I decorated a little today, popped some champagne in advance (glistening fluid: my best, where have you been for so long), and threw myself a little pre-christmas party, with the best attendees ever! Well, to me that looks all gorgeous. Bring on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is Youuuuuuuuu”. And by that I mean at least one more pair of glittering heels!


Today’s shoes are Jimmy Choo, Relish, Graceland, Zara
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