“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Girlz on FIlm

As it can be a little lonely on planet “DJ-wife” during weekends (boyfriend gone again to enchant some crowds in England), I thought I'd pull a little “Taylor Swift number” and invite BFF over to dress in PJ’s, giggle, throw pillows at each other, drink hot chocolate and call that a party.

With some recent boy trouble, swapped the milk thingy for Margaritas though and prepared the sky highs for a natural uplift (always works ladies!), playing a game of “How many Ellen von Unwerth inspired pictures can you take”, praying that none of the uncensored ones leak on Facebook that very same night ("Don't Margarita and post!").

24 hours, two pairs of ripped stockings, 15 squeezed lemons and a sleeping room still covered in feathers and confetti later, the guy is forgotten and replaced by a true and sincere love for dancing in high heels to Madonna tunes ...“Get Into The Groove.....”. Taylor would be so proud. Now off to write a song about that damn looser who ditched my lovely lady.


Today's shoes are YSL | Shoe Girls
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