“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Girls rule!

Women are no doubt one of the weirdest creations on earth. Having spent time with some of the finest of this species the past week, it's time to dedicate today's post to my girls. Not even able to understand myself sometimes, it's the best to find yourself surrounded by like-minded friends. Where just a blink is conversation enough, and a certain (high heel) move can settle an enduring discussion.

Together we are the best anyway. No need to explain the "bitch mode" button we have installed, nor the "overly concerned" lever which might be triggered way too often. Understanding that our "fussy" amplitude can bounce from zero to a hundred in no time (depending on hormone status), we'll just listen and nod. Probably also open a bottle of bubbly, without saying a word.

Best: whenever not going out (kids in bed, spouses away) we jump into something comfortable, open champagne and roll over the bed giggling while trying on high heels. What's weird about that? Girls rule!


Today's shoes are Christian Louboutin