“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Girl at Ipanema

Have been trying flip flops (the Brazilian version: Havaiannas) for the past three days, but seriously: I’m not made for this kind of footwear. With blisters the size of the lemons they put in their Caipirinhas here, had no other choice than to change from flats to heels while strolling the lovely beach of Ipanema on yet another beautiful day in Rio. The city is so vibrant, and life seems wonderfully free and easy here, it is amazing how the recipe of sun, warmth, beach, and ocean always does its job. (The occasional Caipirinha works magic too I must confess).

Also wherever the cocktail described above is daily standard (talking weather ladies, not alcohol... ) styling issues are basically non-existent: all you need is a bikini, some sort of cover (dress or shorty short, who cares) and off you go. Favorite accessory of the day (any day since we've been here): a fresh coconut and some music in my head.

“The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes I smile, but she doesn’t see
She just doesn’t see
No she doesn’t see”

Today’s shoes are Zara
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