“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Get the Overknees out!

Blame it on the lack of sunshine (bright colors needed), blame it on Grammy Sunday (fun outfits) or maybe it is that Fifty Shades of Grey is almost about to air (SM touch goes mainstream). Put all of the above in a blender and voila: your fashion mind will tell you it is just fine combining a shredded pullover (bright enough to cure Steve Wonder’s blindness) with some badass black leather on your stroll to the average flower market.

Though I’ve always been a fan of a statement boot, this is definitely a look that will make heads turn and nothing for a a highly sensitive shoe sole (typo and it stays...). But then again: Julia Roberts did it all before, so why not play a round of bitch stole my look while whistling “Pretty woman, walking down the street...” I guarantee instant good mood.

Happy Monday everyone!


Today’s shoes are Gucci
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