“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Garden Delight

Like most women I'm a queen when it comes to spending money. As in: wherever, and - of course - whenever. My favorite (no doubt) is to hunt for heels and their inseparable twin, fashion, but put me in a food court, an interior shop, a book store or why not: a beauty department and I will find a way to extend any credit card way over its limit.

And then there are garden centers. You should see my glittering eyes (BF refers to them as freaky) as I unlock a shopping cart (the bigger the better) to pack it within no time with everything mother nature invented to delight my eyes and our balcony.

Unlike the shoe items I score (which can expect a long and prosperous career in my closet), plants pretty much face a death sentence the minute they arrive at my casa. Am not much of a queen when it comes to watering - or maybe I am and simply wait for my servants to do the job (who never show up of course). Guess it’s for the best that in the future I try to maintain the beauty of flowers somewhere else than the square meters I call my “garden delight”. Why not let that be shoes.


Today’s shoes are Le Silla
Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Claire de Meijer