“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Fashion Soul Sisters

When it comes to inspiration, I've never really run short, especially if it’s shoes, fashion, or accessories that we’re talking about. And the desire some girls seem to have, to have exactly the same purse, heels and dress as their colleagues or friends has always struck me as odd. Where’s the charm in being identical? So I laughed my a**, ergh, heels off when I met up with BF Connie (who you know by now is a fashion wizard) and her Austrian friend Andrea:

All of us showed up with a little fluffy, furry (vintage) thingy, some statement jewellry (no sparkles no glory), and mixture of similar shades. As though we had all received the same briefing before, which of course, we hadn’t. You can probably imagine what our discussions were about too: an endless girl fashion talk without any full stops or commas (but a lot of exclamation marks indeed). Oh, and the odd "vintage" boyfriend theme of course, but uhm, that's so not exciting. Feel as though I’ve spent some hours in a washing machine, program fashion spin cycle, conditioner: 100% more inspiration. What a nice afternoon! If you will please excuse me now: have some serious shopping to do!


Today's shoes are Supertrash. Jimmy Choo, ASH