“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


While enjoying my Monday coffee, still in my PJ’s, a particular newsfeed popped up on my Facebook and caught my attention: “Things Happy, Successful People Choose to Ignore”. Oh wow! I definitely, have to know more about that, since I might have just taken the life of a gorgeous heel this weekend and doubt I'll be able to live happily ever after that event.

1. Ignore other people’s judgments.
Sure they mean: ignore people staring at you when doing groceries in heels so high every stripper in town would blush in shame. Yes! You go for it girl!

2. Ignore old troubles from the past.
OK: Stopping to whine about your Ex may be one thing, but stopping to bother about that lovely, LOVELY irreplaceable pair of Brian Atwoods you didn’t score in last season's sale another. I’m with you sisters.

3. Ignore each day’s little frustrations.
True. That heel you broke lately: a repair at your local shoemaker should just cost you 20 minutes extra. You can do it.
4. Ignore the necessary pain of hard work and growth.
Oh tell me! They must be talking about the hard work of sporting that tad too small shoe for sure. But I agree. No growth (in lengh) without that hurting heel. Better not think about it!

6. Ignore impatient thoughts.

Gosh, can’t you stop thinking about how to get your hands on Chanel’s next seasons stocking-heels either? That’s not impatient, that’s AMBITIOUS!

7. Ignore things that can’t be controlled.
Leading me to the fact that I (in excitement) spilled red wine all over carpet and SATIN. VULNERABLE. peep toes while watching the SAG awards last weekend. Control? ( _________ Swearword of your choice)

8. Ignore unfounded fears.
“My heel”.... and what if I can’t get rid of the stains???

9. Ignore the mind’s endless stream of doubts.
OK. :-)


Today’s shoes are Sergio Rossi
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