“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Do you wanna be my Valentine?

It’s Valentines day again - a date so highly overrated and invented only to make singles (ladies) feel even worse and alone so they’d desperately date everything from A) the pimply neighbour they always try to avoid to B) that whole bottle of vodka (if neighbour is not available) before C) sobbing themselves to sleep after having watched “Love Actually” twice.

It’s also a drag on relationships: “Whaaaaat? Chocolate only?”, or “You know I hate lillies after all those years don’t you?” - not to forget the obvious: “HOW COULD YOU FORGET???” Yes yes, it’s a tough one, but it’s also so easy to avoid the drama.

Dated my credit card in advance, sent roses to myself, will stay in, unpack two HOT deliveries and expect nothing more than a very relaxed yet exciting evening with the most reliable romance there is: SHOES.


Today’s shoes are Sergio Todzi
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