“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Day at the Pool

We arrived in Rio de Jainero three days ago and it feels utterly surreal to be here. So much beauty, such a different scenery, so many impressions! Our hotel is located directly at the beach, with the most gorgeous view you can imagine. I wonder if someone secretly told the organiser of our journey what to provide to make us happy, as champagne and a pool with the most gorgeous view await us. The sun so bright (aka unforgiving, aka revealing every beauty failure, aka when the hell did I actually grow a mustache???), the colors so intense, the vibe so lively!

You quickly adjust to being a “Carioca” which in Brazil means to just be happy about life, to feel free and be authentic. Well, I must say it’s very hard to resist that mantra (in my case feeling very authentic looking like a cheesecake amongst all the tanned Brazilian beauties) when being pampered and spoiled so nicely.

Let’s go and pop that champagne, ditch the heels and clothes and just hang at the pool and celebrate life, please! But first I will give myself a proper Brazilian. On the face that is.


Today’s shoes are Stuart Weitzman