“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Center of the Universe

Whenever at my sister's, time seems to slow down a little, and whatever might usually be my focus in everyday life (how do I work and present, what is the result, do I look "Estee Lauder worthy" (aka did the damn miracle cream work?), what kind of heels shall I wear, what guestlist am I on? etc) seem like ideas from a different planet. And if I count the grins on the faces around me these past few days, I might very well just add: planet stupid.

Whatever I try to sneak into my life to make myself comfortable but uncomfortable (long hours, healthy food, clothes that are too tight, accessories that are basically unwearable, heels that are too high) turns just practical (and funnily enough sooooooo out of fashion) when being here. Surrounded by people you love? You hug. Hungry? You eat. Going out? You just go out (no time for an hour of styling). Tired? You sleep (whenever you have time to and fancy it). For the rest? ... just check if everybody else is all right.

So being invited to my sister's lovely parents-in-law tonight this means: eat, drink, love, hug, stay, stay a little longer, stay for just another drink (and another), hug once, hug twice, oh - and you're not even wearing make-up? Who cares. Luckily still managed to squeeze some Svarovski crystals in outfit but am definitely tempted to shift my center of the universe to Bavaria for real. Isn't it just damn cosy?


Today's shoes are Buffalo