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The Great Wedding

The Great Wedding


So far it’s been a year full of love, and wedding announcements (and the follow up parties) have popped up like mushrooms on acid throughout the past 365 days. This fourth one was extra special to me though, not only because I’ve been planning and designing the event for month, but it was also the big day for my sweet baby sister, my best friend and high heel soul mate.

Hours and hours we spent on picking the theme (Great Gatsby), marveling dresses and shoes, picturing the event in it’s brightest (champagne) colors. Feather stolas were casted, bridesmaids gowns selected, pearl necklaces (ultra long) ordered. Everyone came in their finest costumes, their best heels, throwing in their every two cents worth to honour bride & groom.

And after all the long hours planning and spending so much time & effort in lovely but pricey details, I realised that the biggest and most precious good achieved was actually the brides smile at the event itself and the guests all laughing and dancing until the early morning hours, not wanting to leave the lovely castle in Austria where the event took place.

Priceless love, fantastic memories, a pair of COMPLETELY ruined shoes, one pearl necklace shredded, a hangover as large as the party itself: Mr. Gatsby would have been so jealous.

Today’s heels are a bargain steel (pimped with a little tulle) from a market in Spain. I never had more fun dancing.

20ies Dress: MarleneBirger | Jewellery: Swarovsky | Clutch: ZARA | Feather stola: Marc Cain | Hair piece: Vintage

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