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Colors of joy

Colors of Joy


Fashion is all about color, texture, structure and shape (and the mixture of it) so I guess it’s fair enough to say that- while the fashion circus went to Italy, I had my own (not so fashionable, but still) fabulous moments of color, texture, structure and shape while relaxing a week in France.

The combination of a bright blue sky with a quirky composition of pink and orange -the only heel I brought along- (that’s a lie of course but you figured that out already I suppose...) will simply never get out of style: Colors of joy!

Then add the texture of a a calm silky swimming pool in front of you, a crispy beach towel beneath you and a sip of Campari melting in your mouth. Combined with the structure of meadow moistened with dew - which makes it actually impossible to wear any heel (it’s a holiday after all) and accessorized with some fun plastic devices (I predict a comeback in summer 2015) and you are... well, in France on the set of my very own fashionable moment of the week.

About the shape: well, actually it was all about sabotaging shape (body wise, you know what I mean). But who can say no to saucisson de Lyon (the best!), French cheeses and pâté, croissants, fresh baguette and way too much red wine. But hello: as long as I can balance myself on 12 inches still..... who cares! Au revoir!


Today’s shoes are Office by Topshop

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