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Love is in the air, sale everywhere!

Love is in the air, sale everywhere


Isn’t it soothing to know the same procedure kicks in every in December? The air is filled with love and anticipation, lists and giftcards for Christmas are written, and all your thoughts are focused on delighting your beloved ones: your ... ergh....feet of course!

Haven't you been waiting long enough; dreaming about that pair of (unaffordable) 10 inches,
admiring those ____________ (fill in heel designer of choice) from afar?

Well, it’s SALE everywhere now (retail makes it so easy for us shopaholics), and with all that glitter on Christmas trees comes the fabulous opportunity to not only decorate your house for the big event but your 10 best buddies (your toes) as well. Those Xmas gifts for others? Time to start practising that extra charming, extra excusing smile for when your Auntie unwraps that nail-polish remover (245 EUR saved), and your boyfriend gives you the look after receiving the two boxes of tooth picks (another 289,40 EUR saved) you lovingly chose for them.

Just shrug and smile: “Sorry, I spent it on myself” (petting the shiny Marc Jacobs\ Saint Laurent\ Paul Warmer’s you are wearing). It’s Christmas yeah: the time to love and pamper. Especially yourself.

Today's shoes are Marc Jacobs | Paul Warmer
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30 Pairs of Heels need to GO GO GO!!!

30 Pairs of Heels need to GO GO GO!!!


If you're a heel-alista, shoe-oholic, lable-freak, size 37 (that's a size 38 with your heel cut off and a size 36 with thick socks), and reader of my blog: this is your lucky day. Even more so if you're a bitch on a budget who has always dreamt of being able to enrich your closet with some Jimmy (Choo), Marc (Jacobs) or Gucci (Gucci!) heels, but have always left your local heel dealer with a tear in your eye: because aren't they soooooooooooo expensive?

Am offering 30 pairs of precious (think "Lord of the rings" - Golom's "Preeeeeciouuuusssss") heels: some of them worn (with love), some of them brand new, for a price which will not only make your feet happy but your wallet too. Brandnew Choo's for EUR 179? Yep. Prada's for EUR 75? So right. But how???

Well, am throwing a heel-party in Amsterdam and if all the above fits any kind of your heel-personality or attitude: you are more than welcome. Simply like, and share (my VIP list, and your entrance ticket) on Facebook and mark the 4th of November (1-5pm) in your agenda. 30 pairs of shoes need to GO GO GO and right in your closet.

Spread the word, and stay tuned for updates (and location) on this very blog. Am SO excited!!!!


Today's shoes are ao: Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, MiuMiu, Sergio Rossi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo


Don’t try this at home


I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to do things herself.

From fixing a washing machine to a French manicure (which you will need after having had repaired the machine…) to laying floors: I’m all game.
The only thing I really know I can’t do properly is (funnily enough) laundry and ironing.
So, instead of the manicurist around the corner, my best friend in terms of “fixing” is the dry cleaner.
(OK, and the shoemaker, but that’s another story).

Since I was told a little too often recently that I look like Jackie Onassis (other than a compliment, this just sounds like proof to me that I can’t handle a hair straightener, or even worse: just look OLD), I thought it was about time to spoil myself with a haircut.
Last time I had my hair done in Holland (and I was so proud of myself for telling the lady what I wanted in my best Dutch),
I ended up looking like a duck that had had an unfortunate encounter an electronic device (think Rihanna, statically charged).

So here I am: doing it myself.
Result? It’s probably a good thing I only shoot shoes on this blog…
Ergh, all I can do is hope my heels will distract attention from my new hair “don’t”.

Don’t try this at home……. just saying.


Today’s shoes are Marc Jacobs