Grey Mer

Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog


Went to Munich for a business trip recently (result coming to a blog near you soon) and whenever I am in this city, I’m overwhelmed by its wealth and luxury. The generosity of space (providing endless shopping floors for high end brands - ah!), the sleek designed gourmet temples and bars (oh!), and the possibility that you’d sooner be run over by a Porsche than a Honda (uh!) if not stopping your heels at a red stop sign is quite a intoxicating mixture.

I always go for a stroll, sobbing a little in front of Marion Heinrich (Victoria Beckham! Alaïa! The Row! Manolo Blahnik!), weeping at Oberpollinger (Gucci! Prada! Dior!) and crying hysterically over the new collection at My Theresa (THE SHOE DEPARTMENT!!!!!!!!!)

Yeah, yeah: when something of secondary importance improperly takes on the role of something of primary importance... I know! But than again, one of my favorites in this city will always remain staying at my friends place for a round of quality time talking, sipping Prosecco, enjoying life and their fabulous company. And make their little puppy wag it's tail for a change. Priceless!


Today’s shoes are Grey Mer via Daniele Dentici.

They cut quite a good figure too don’t you think?


Holland’s got talent

Whenever in need of some inspiration, I head straight to the next shoe store.

It somehow soothes me to wander from shelf to shelf, touching delicious leather, petting tiny details, and putting objects of desire back with a deep sigh after having seen the price. Very humbling but inspirational indeed.

Often I find myself involved in emotional “heel” and design discussions with like-minded staff members -sometimes with unexpected results.
So it happened that - having had a fairly long inspirational relationship with Daniele Dentici - I just found out that lovely Marco also does the most delicate accessories.

To die for necklaces, brooches, hats and much more, all matching so well with the shoes and the bags in the store.

A lot of “OMGs” and (again) “sighs” are involved while twirling in front of the mirror with my (ergh…Marco’s) stunning necklace which is totally perfecting my outfit.

So ladies, if you are ready to make a statement, I’d recommend dropping by.
Or even better: explore Marco’s stunning designs online.
Meanwhile I will continue running around being flabbergasted by all the hidden talent Holland’s got to offer.


Today’s shoes are GREYMER

Under construction


One of the worst things that can happen to a vivacious and outgoing lady is for her to lose her voice (I was tempted to write a leg, but my humor seems as sick as I am today so I’d rather not). At least to me it is.

It seems that somewhere between horse and private plane I have caught a pretty big cold on Ameland. And this unwelcome guest has not only taken my voice but also my ability to think, joke, and basically all ability to move.
The latter is really a pity as I have SUCH incredibly lovely shoes lined up for today, and really want to put them in the spotlight. 

Now they are just part of my contagious “crime scene”, I’m afraid today is really not the day to come up with a fancy photo shoot.
So, this means that for now I am pretty much under construction (aka it’s bad, bad, bad).

Off to bed now.
Will cuddle my shoes instead of wearing them tonight.


Today’s shoes are Grey Mer via Daniele Dentici