Sneak Peak autumn|winter

Sneak peak Autumn|Winter


Fashion and “seasons” work in mysterious ways. While the hard core fashionistas are just now busy following Mamma Wintours footsteps streaming summer collections for next year, the average shopping gal must accustom to windows filled with pullovers and quilted trousers (not to forget this winters ultra heavy boots) while temperatures still scream mini skirt (well, sort of: as always the Netherlands might be an exception).

When new seasonal items hit fashion mag’s they have been shot half a year in advance (aka, aren’t they sooooo 6month ago?) and by the time I will have starved myself long enough to make that Dolce and Gabbana fairytale coat (a|w 2014) or that GORGEOUS fringed Brian Atwood boot (*sigh*) my own all snow of 2015 might have melted and I might consider a bikini wax again.

But have to admit it has its charm lounging somewhere warm, armed with the bible (read: Vogues Collection of the entire upcoming winter fashion) and getting all inspired what key items to stock for the cold days. Well, maybe my anticipation went a little too far though. Wearing woolen socks at 30degrees put my toes in kind of a pre-fall sweaty coma. Might have to buy that fringe boots to make up with them again.


Today’s shoes are Corello

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