Booty Call

Booty Call


Am pretty sure you're all familiar with the following situation. You had everything planned out in the slightest detail (it's Monday, so this includes having carefully picked out clothes and heels the night before, arranging them neatly), your purse is freed of candy papers, chopsticks (found three the other night, had been searching for them forever...), hankies, and old entrance tickets (which you had to buy 'cause your smile doesn't work like it did back when you where 17): and is refilled with laptop, IPhone, agenda, and lipstick (just one: the one that you will never ever find again) only. All you have to do on Monday morning is jump out of bed and into outfit, and you'll be ready to rumble.

And then there's a glitch. Bike has a flat tire (impossible to walk in the heels you chose), reaching your destination by taxi will cost you half of a (possibly new) heel and public transport ... aaaaah: you have to speed up then!

This definitely calls for booties! Quickly jump in them, run (comfortably) wherever you have to, do your job (duty): and you'll be fine.
Luckily I have a couple. What did you think I was referring to?


Today's shoes are Baldan