Cool Down!

Cool down!


January and February are two of the most dangerous months of the year, and I don't only mean that in terms of forgetting all matters of styling due to cold (confession: am basically living in ski-underwear and thermo shirts, please don't tell anybody...). It's also the final days of HEEL SALE everywhere (aka the biggest temptation to slaughter the piggybank mercilessly).

Have done so numerous times already (got a plastic piggy bank now: shards are so annoying) and have now limited diet to potatoes (note: save money on the unimportant (aka food) to invest in the utterly important (heels)) but there are still so many cuties out there waiting to be rescued (screaming -70%, -50%, -30%) that it makes my mind spin and the (plastic AND empty) piggy quiver whenever I look at it.

Wrote Mahatma Gandhi quote in big letters over bed: "You only become rich by the goods you do not desire", but *sigh* immediately crossed out "not" and went straight to Net-a-porter site. HELP! Somebody needs to cool down! *Ooooooooooohm*.


Today's shoes are Alisha