“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Breaking Hungry

I know what they say about movie sequels, and, in part, blame it on still being weak and sick-ish: but went to see Breaking Dawn part two. Admittedly, I simply had to see Bella evidently cured of her lip-biting and other human emo habits (aka finally becoming a vampire) for myself. Plus seeing a naked werewolf's torso can get a gal on the mend in no time for sure. This being said, I once again found myself neither team Edward or team Jacob but very much team Alice (the only one with designer knowledge and some sort of vision (sorry Twihard's, am talking fashion here)). But what a pity not a single pair of heels were to be spotted in the movie! I bet vampires can run endlessly in them without pain. (*sigh*)

However, with RPatz becoming a house-whipped husband and the other vampires merely babysitters (yawn), it suddenly "dawned" on me how the Volturi could have won this endless (and overly dramatic) sequel. Everybody forgot to feed the dogs (aka wolves) for the entire 115 minutes! How easy it would have been to just bring a big steak and get it over with. Yes, dear Jake, these are the thoughts you get when you only take your shirt off once.

Now off to something really important: dinner!

Today's shoes are Luca Valentini