“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Breakfast in Bed

"Early bird catches the worm" my mom used to say, and I was grumpy with her for that quote for almost all my teenage years. I never found anything glorious nor fortunate about getting up early (albeit I love the sunrise, but that's when you are coming home after partying, and another story). I'm kind of a "blair witch project" (aka REAL horror) without having at least a liter of coffee (which generally takes until 12.00) too... Call me a diva if you want to, but it's only obvious: Am a night person, utterly useless in the morning.

Having said so, it just happened that I was asked if I would be interested to do a TV interview about my addiction to heels. Kind of a home-story, showing how I live, babbling about my passion. Couldn't be more excited. My babies! On TV! Full color! How great! I mean, will have to do some serious preparing (shall I wear the Olympia's or the Atwood's? Oh, they would fit so great with my new outfit, maybe a bunch of flowers in the background... kind of blurry, what kind of flowers, decisions, decisions ...)

Erg, sorry, what did they say was the title of the program again? "Breakfast in bed?" Ah! Interesting. Meaning like... filming like... at like breakfast TIME?
Oh! Blair witch project the sequel, anyone?


Today's shoes are Prada