“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Born this way

I never do blind dates actually as they can turn out like some "first sport" experience. You can stumble awfully and end up with the worst muscle ache ever. But what if the person you've never met before turns out to be a total stunner and is even wearing the same nail polish? (Since OPI does more than 1902 hues alone, that's actually quite a "no way!" moment)

Yes, had my first "fan meeting" yesterday, and actually regretted not "sporting" a little more often. So many questions, so little time, and me seemingly quite rusty in answering everything eloquently. How to really reply to the question what I do to maintain the shape of my legs and the high instep I have (guess "born this way"?) when my counterpart is showing off an almost obscene pair of long legs in just a tiny tiny pair of shorts (aka unfair) herself anyway? (Don't tell me you are born this way... I'll DIE!)

Found the perfect answer about my beauty routine, just after my sweet date left, hanging right at the venue we met. Oh man, I really should have come up with that myself: "I never go jogging, it makes me spill my Martini". Yep, quite born THAT way.


Today's shoes are Bruschi