“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

United Beauty, Beauty United

Back from London, where I visited United Nude's stunning flagship store, am still twirling in Rem D’s genius design: the Hybrid shoe, have barely taken them off since. It’s one thing to be spoiled with a pair of designer heels, another though to fall in love with them over and over again by wearing them. Certainly the diamond-shaped surface of the brightly colored piece of art helps win over the heart of a heel princess but it’s the comfort really (soft rubber... who would have guessed) which makes them an every day summer staple ready to turn heads wherever you go.

I knew about Rem’s architectural background and also about the more private story of wanting to win back the heart of an admired lady by downsizing big constructions to the most tiny and delicate pieces of design: a woman's heel. I’m almost happy that he got his heart broken back then: with his timeless and visionary talent he has certainly won over mine now.

Thank you Rem for making my (heel) day!


Today’s shoes are United Nudes “Hybrid”
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