“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Baby Boom!

Am humming a little lullaby (the one I can't seem to get out of my head since the last baby monitor I heard went off), while arranging my shoes from light pink to light blue.

That’s an absolutely new color range to me, but with the baby boom that's been happening this year (Oh, I so KNOW what you guys did last summer!!!) I can’t help it. Have to dedicate today's post to all my mommy friends out there who are sporting the smokey eye look because not one, but maybe two of their kids were up in the middle of the night. Who find themselves playing a game of “How Many Consecutive Layers of Deodorant Instead of A Shower Is Okay” and praying that the answer is three.

Who instead of thinking what heels would match their outfit, just get dressed in "whatever" pants, regretting never having bought comfy (aka “mommy clothing”) and only gave up Karl’s design after The Little One puked over 100% silk and 600 Euros of Italian leather.

I ADORE your babies and ADMIRE you. And my humble thoughts are with you, knowing that you have no time to fuss about high heels or designer diaper bags because you still worry whether that stuff in your hair is toothpaste or breast milk. Bless you!

Today’s shoes are Graceland
Thanks go out to Baby Lou for being such a good sport and not puking over them.