“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Are You Doing Anything Special for the Holidays?

"Are you doing anything special for the holidays" asks my Facebook status this morning. Hello dear Facebook, a very good morning to you too, and WHEN THE HELL DID YOU START ASKING ME PERSONAL QUESTIONS? *Me, technical granny*

You have to understand that I'm still adjusting to electronical friends, as am from a generation that used to drop a coin into a phone booth to call parents when we needed to let them know we'd be home later than expected. Roller-skates were considered cool (nowadays Segways), and the internet ... well... was seen as a temporary fad (aka overrated).

Am still wondering when Twitter became the new platform to "hook up with (whatever type of) friend" and Pinterest a hot personal style / creative advisor. But look who's talking (getting carried away): am sharing my whole year online. So just wait and see, before you know it, I'll be getting married on Skype, posting intimate honeymoon pics on Instagram (there might be a heel or two involved...), giving birth on Tumblr and getting divorced on Facebook. Easy peasy!

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Ah! To come back to the initial question (haha). Am I doing anything special for the holidays? For sure! Eating until I pop and dropping out of my high heels of course! Totally new age.


Today's shoes are Anna F.