“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

And when the rain begins to fall....

It’s a public holiday in most European countries, and could just have been the perfect long weekend. And the perfect monday of course: jumping out of bed with glee (and late), putting on the peep toes and a summery dress heading for a long day in the park (picnic), a stroll downtown (shopping), or just putting on some summery tunes while hanging with friends (on heavy rotation at the moment: Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” - ah, what a fantastic song to set a sexy summer mood....)

Am saying it “could have”, because I’m afraid the only “blurred lines” I get today are the ones of rain drops crawling slowly down the window. Again. And it took me a whole day of counselling to not just put a ton of very un-ladylike swear words in today’s text. Or actually no text at all.

So when the rain begins to fall it’s once again only chocolate pie, Prosecco and Games of Thrones (episode 1-15 right after each other) which will make my day. Or maybe, MAYBE a new pair of heels (bought online to not have to leave the house). My current ones just got soaking wet anyway.


Today’s shoes are Hugo Boss