“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

And when the rain begins to fall...

Of course we all knew that summer would eventually end and that the dark reality (aka one extra hour of sleep does NOT make up for having to get up while it's still pitch black outside) of shorter days and less sun would come. And definitely all fashionistas know it’s fun to choose outfits and shoes for fall and “cold occasions” (Finally hats! Oversized knits! Fancy sheepskin furry heels!) Well, in September that is, when it’s still warm and your tanned legs haven't been attacked by polyester DIN's yet.

It's a completely different story though when weather conditions force you to stuff rain-proof pants into unfashionable rubber boots, because you got cocky earlier that year, ruined your last pair of Hunters at Glastonbury and thought “whatever, it won’t rain this autumn for sure”. And don’t lie to me about wearing those delicate sheep skin heels when rain bout number three hits you on your way to work and mud puddle number 176 just again said “Hi” to delicate suede leather and ruined it for good.

If you are tired of ditching well chosen outfits for the sake of weather protection over and over again - this year's wellies are nothing short of fashion fabulous. From traditional bootie (I could LIVE in my newly discovered DÄV's -a Californian (!) brand...), polyvinyle sexy (keep the socks ready!), to comfy ancle cut: Here are my picks for fall weather failures.

And I am no fool and of course moved today’s shoot inside. Who would ever want to harm these cuties?


Today’s shoes are DÄV, MiuMiu, Christopher Kane

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