“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Have a deep and enduring love affair with the black continent. So rough, wild and untamed: in combination with the history of the country and the utter beauty of the landscape a highly inspiring mixture. Plus the wine! The food! The weather! The lovely people!

It's not really a place for high heels though (just wondering how Louboutins would fit a safari and yesterday's Gaga heels the beach), so I shouldn't feel too bad that boyfriend is leaving to Capetown for a couple of days. WITHOUT ME.

No, am not jealous at all: he's there for a work trip (boring beach parties where people dance stupidly and will probably be drinking cocktails out of each other navels... duh) and the fact that he is meeting all of MY friends couldn't bother me less. Who wants to sip wine on the beach with nice people anyway? Tssssssss... have a book about Africa and my own jungle (aka heel closet) to dive into. Would be way too busy to go there anyway. Would be way too busy to...DAMNITHOWIWOULDLOVETOBETHERE!

Oh, just checked the weather in Capetown. 14 degrees and raining.
Would it be bitchy to chuckle? Just a little?


Today's shoes are Steve Madden