“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Above The Roofs Of Vienna

Since one of the highlights of my short trip has surely already happened (running through Vienna carrying three HUGE shopping bags filled with the most gorgeous heels: VERY Pretty Woman!), I thought it couldn't get any better when I was invited to fancy place "Le Loft" to show off the first pair of my lovely heel collaboration with Shoetation. Well, ladies, a heel (or today: wedge) needs to be walked, right? And what better place to show them off than the 18th floor of a 4 star hotel with a magnificent view of the lights of Vienna. So romantic!!!

This is the penthouse I always dreamed of having (staff members and full stocked bar included, please). Am pretty sure that my shoes (almost 366 pairs by now) would appreciate a 360 degree panoramic view too. Obviously I had to capture the moment, though I knew that with the subtle clinking of expensive crystal glasses, the discretely dimmed lighting and a bill that could easily buy me a new pair of heels, comes a no picture policy (aka contact PR person). Which of course my friend (incognito) and I also very subtly and discretely did...... not. My heels were just so worth it.


Today's shoes are Poletto
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