“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A YSL weekend

The weekend of Sinterklaas is (not only for the Dutch) the perfect event to gather friends, children, siblings, even pets (if available) and feast yourself through presents, sweets (pepernoten are highly popular) and everything which starts with alc- and ends with -ohol. Since EVERYBODY is partying and I obviously never say “no” to a decent festivity, I hopped my way (in gorgeous heels no doubt) from one celebration to another, hugging, kissing, drinking and eating my heart out.

No wondermthat my Sunday turned out to be a super slow one, cuddling myself through the house, not able to lift a finger any further than to reach for a book, detoxing tea, and of course pet the lovely collection of shoes I wore (one never can be too tired to caress Italian leather...).

You see: yummie, sophisticated, loving weekend: Totally YSL.
Hope you had a good one too!


Today’s shoes YSL | Saint Laurent

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