“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A Useless Weekend

My average weekend is a master plan in accurate timing and meaningful topics. I might have scheduled to call Bill Clinton about the next charity thingy (no, not that one in the oval office), have a Skype conference with Haruki Murakami philosophizing about the feasibility of life and love and probably brooding with Stephen Hawking over some cosmology. You know, the usual: trying to safe the world or at least make it a better place.

This weekend I totally screwed up though. Didn’t call Bill back, pressed mute on Skype, changed cosmology for Cosmopolitan (sorry Stephen!) and only cared about great literature (aka 224 pages of Vogue), studied the influence of supplements (especially those of Vitamin D, (sun) which I can tell you now ends in a damn broad smile) and the theory of colors (magenta nail polish against a cloudless cyan sky = pure color harmony).

Oh! I learned balancing a watermelon on my heel. Seems the weekend was not that useless after all.


Today's shoes are Lopez
Today's photo was taken by the lovely Claire de Meijer