“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A Mouse. Seriously?

Having always thought I’m pulling of the cool chick quite decently, life taught me differently this weekend. Lost all my status of cool (and dignity) when discovering erg... well... a mouse in our house. Just after I bragged all about my “cat- heel” collection (I can assure you, none of them were of any help) I found myself -very classy indeed- on a chair, calling BF hysterically to rush home and protect me from the enormous and no doubt super dangerous beast.

I’d like to spare you the details, but the picture of me ON that chair, IN a corner, jumping in pure angst (yes, ON the chair), huge sharp yells coming out of the top of my lungs while BF heroically brushes out the actually very cute little fellow (too small to make a furry coat from, so she was spared) is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. *ugh*

A mouse! Seriously? On a positive note: I am KING in high-heel-jumping obviously, but might very well wear (cat free) flats for a week. Someone needs to be punished. And be grounded.


Today’s shoes are Ideal.

That's their real name, and frankly....they were actually NOT.