“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A Liitle Fairytale

Funny, crazy creatures us women are. We consider “shopping” a sport, “challenge” a purchase at net-a-porter, chocolate cake a sin, and sometimes we confuse romance with a price tag attached to an over-expensive bag. Modern princesses we are, always on the hunt for something sweet to delight our day (less the fattening effect of course).

Happened just recently that I bumped into something very very sweet (nope, no calories involved!) which left me totally happy and high on adrenalin - and am sure you can see where this is “going”: shoes.

Just around the corner from Amsterdam's busy high street (aka the Kalverstraat), OPEN SHOP is tucked away from the obvious and offers exactly the opposite: hand picked lovely fashion, individual accessories, and (affordable) high heels which will raise your metabolism more than that spinning class you recently signed up for. A little fairytale!

Oh, you don’t believe in fairytales? Well, believe in the slogan of this small Amsterdam gem: “Your husband called, you can buy whatever you like”. Better than chocolate cake I’d say.


Today’s shoes are Salt & Pepper
via Open Shop