“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A Hairy Case

Whenever cat's are frightened, they tend to lose a bunch of hair at once. I've witnessed this phenomenon quite often (and now tend to think I might be the cause of scaring them sh**- ergh... hairless)... but it's actually rather funny (as long as you're not the one who has to hunt all that hair down with a vacuum cleaner afterwards).

Was reminded of the above as it's that time of the year (aka weather getting worse and worse) that one comes to rely very much on warm gear. Of course I don't mean by growing yourself some bushy eyebrows (although they are a huge trend this year) or by skipping the daily routine of shaving, I'm saying it's time to get the furry boots out.

So I released today's beauties from their boxes to confront them with their duty (aka helping me overcome own reluctance and getting me safely through wind and storm), only to find they'd lost almost all of their hair while safely stored in their "cage". Whoops! Seems I am not the only one NOT wanting to leave the house. Vacuum cleaner anyone?

cell spy
Today's shoes are Charles Jourdan