“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A day in France

A weekend getaway which does not imply packing suitcases neatly for a flight (in other words a legitimate fear that overweight baggage will cost as much as ticket or a pair of nice heels on sale) always evokes kind of a fashion-Tourette. More, more, more it is, so I step into our car for a surprise trip, trunk stuffed with heels, back seats covered with clothed hooks (another happy Tourette: no creasing, no creasing, no creasing!).

What a bliss that the destination chosen turns out to be the heart of the Champagne region, which -with all it’s luscious greens- just perfectly fits an equally coloured extra long skirt and delicately printed blouse (could be grapes, who knows?). A game of “Where's Wally” well played! The heels of choice, a dream in creamy suede, which are perfect for a day strolling vineyards. A heel high enough to bog down in Moët & Chandon soil (all worth it), low enough to prevent keeling over after the second champagne-tasting. The sun is shining and the hues of green are my favourite color now! Cheers!

P.S.: To go all-excited-while-packing is a delight if your car does not break down half-way and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere in ten inches, looking like an oversized fashion-wreck carrying your carefully chosen 10 kilos of baggage by yourself to the next garage. But this is another story and will be told..... NEVER!

Blouse: Laurel | Skirt: Escada | Pullover: Allure | Woolen bag: Stylists own | Nylons: Falke

Today’s shoes are Hogan

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