“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Comfort Zone

A conversation with a friend yesterday made me think.

In wedges (too hot for heels!) and over tapas and wine we talked about how difficult it can be to really connect with people (we are both from abroad.. aka “aliens” to the Dutch), to get settled in a new city and build a circle of friends from scratch when you know no one. Moving to another country is not just another fun adventure: it can actually be pretty tough finding out that besides work, a boyfriend and a collection of heels (no, they will not count as friends for today) you are actually alone.

It’s a big step out of your comfort zone, to reach out and expose yourself to others, not knowing if they are sincere or will be welcoming. And it seems to me that the more eloquent, tough and straight we seem (and also like to be), the more vulnerable we really feel inside. Rejection can sting pretty badly and being sensible can sometimes so not work in our favor.

We should really get out of the “comfy cuddly safe” (again: I am NOT talking sneakers versus heels…) zone more often: speak to people and be honest and decent and friendly. Help each other, make someone smile.
The danger only lies in not trying.


Today’s shoes are Attentif