“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The good friend

Shoe relations are not that different from human relations.

When I am opening my (shoe) closet it seems that I have 267 friends.
Old, new, fancy, fake, acquaintances, some you rarely see, some you forgot…..
and good ones.
Some of them let me down big time: hurting me, (no, “Party Feet” does NOT help), mislead me in taste, made false promises (you look great darling!), cheated on me (fitting better to others), and some of them are simply useless (if you are not talking about using them for sex}.
Having said that: I try to treat all of them with sincere attention,

I give old ones a shelter, display and admire the fancy, caress the fakes as if they would be part of the family, acquaintances you just “go” along with, I’m happy to see the forgotten, the ones I rarely see, I rarely see and the good ones………

Ha. The good ones.
The good ones you might treat not so well.

The ones who are always there for carrying you literally through all shit
(and snow, and mud, and slippery ground, and any situation where you just need help), those are the ones being the most neglected.

They hardly get spoiled with special treatments because they never ask for it.
They do not get extra attention because they never complain.
They will be thrown in corners and only pulled out
if you are in need of something “easy.”
Plus, they will never make it on your blog, because they are probably just not that pretty.
Yet: They are always there.

So here is to the good friend:
treat them with respect.

Just saying.


P.S.: Todays shoes are Esprit