“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Thank's to my friend Edwin I find myself caught in the Icebucket madness as well. As if there wouldn't be enough water from above in the Netherlands anyway but it's for a good cause, so all fine.

I'd like to nominate my favorite heel designers Brian Atwood, Ruthie Davies and Charlotte Olympia to join the challenge next, so I won't be the only idiot ruining a beloved pair of heels (Brian, you might go barefoot as well, I know suede leather loafers are a killer to clean!).

Please note that besides all selfish posting fun, donating is crucial to fight a terrible disease, so give as much as you can: your next pair of heel purchase can wait (a little). Here we go, and sorryyyyyyyyyyy shoes!!!!!!


Today's heels were beautiful before they drowned.